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Performs different kinds of operations to help you manage your e-mail lists
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List Manager is an e-mail list managing software tool created by Send-Safe that allows you to perform different kinds of operations to help you manage your existing e-mail lists, regardless of how long they are. These operations include list cleaning, merging, splitting, filtering, sorting, counting, randomizing, and many more.

The program offers an easy-to-use and intuitive interface, with shortcuts to all the functionality it provides. These shortcuts are grouped under two categories - Core Tools and Utilities. The former includes tasks, such as Extract and Clean, Merge E-mail Lists, Remove, Keep and Filter Addresses, Make Sample, Separate List, Seed Addresses, and Split File. Most operations allow you to add one or more source files and define an output filename and location for the resulting list. Extract and Clean, for instance, allows you to analyze an existing e-mail list and enhance it by sorting its entries, removing duplicate entries, and deleting too long addresses or addresses that contains two or more dots, saving the deleted addresses in a separate file as an option.

Merge E-mail Lists, on the other hand, is a simple tool that allows you to add two or more source files and join them together on a new list, optionally sorting it, removing duplicate entries or comparing it against a Master List File. Another very helpful tool is Filter Addresses, which allows you to construct a target e-mail list file from one or more source lists, selecting only the entries that match certain criteria, based, for example, on the domain name or on other specific strings.

The latter group of tools - Utilities - provides additional useful applications, like the Address Counter, the E-mail List Builder, and the Domains Verifier. The first one allows you to know quickly the total number of entries present in one or more source e-mail list files, as well as the number or addresses per domain and its relative percentage. The second one allows you to extract e-mail addresses from a source file - optionally belonging only to certain domain names -, while Domain Verifier lets you select only the addresses that belong to valid and existing domain names of your choice.

As you can see, List Manager is a very comprehensive e-mail list managing tool that may result pretty useful to any person that needs to organize a large number of lists and addresses. Unfortunately, this demo version replaces with asterisks some of the characters in the e-mail addresses of the resulting files, which turns the program completely useless for any commercial or real-world purpose, at least until you register it.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Easy to use
  • Friendly interface
  • Very comprehensive set of tools
  • Allows you to schedule different kinds of tasks


  • Unregistered version replaces some characters with asterisks in all output e-mail addresses
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